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There were two fetes on that night, the first stop was the Elysium pool party. Any pool party to be honest would have been great, as it was hot and this was Guyana! Elysium started at 3pm, but when we turned up after 5pm, only two people were in the pool, with just a smattering of other people around the edges. It was disappointingly empty, fortunately by 8pm people started to descend from their hotel rooms to engage by the pool, but the poolside was still not packed. Although, the DJs tried their best and played a selection of bashment and Soca that could only tease the crowd into moving. For the few that wanted the VIP treatment, for $800 you could get a poolside table, four bottles of alcohol and Belaire champagne! Fortunately, we had tickets for Kes, and this pool party was just ok, so at 10pm we left for Kes the Band.

hmmmm.. the pool party at 6.30pm

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