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Many of you saw the video that was posted on YouTube 6th January, with a plea from the owner Carol to come and support her restaurant business, Mango Bottoms.

It was such a warm, honest and heartfelt video, that I felt compelled to come and support her. However, it was not that easy getting some friends together, not because we don’t want to support, but because as Caribbeans we already cook many of the foods championed, so do not feel as impassioned to experiment with fellow Caribbean restauranteers. However, three of my close friends chose to come with me, in order to support.

Yes, we read up on the reviews and having checked them out, we found nothing but compliments about the food and no commentary that should have deterred us from going.

TripAdvisor review quotes
“Fast service, friendly staff and good vibes and atmosphere.”
“Price was very reasonable giving the amounts of food and drinks ordered.”
“Great Music, and a good location amongst other competitive eateries.”

Watch the Real Soca Deal’s honest video reviews of Mango Bottoms.


What you will find is four honest and differing opinions on the experience. Nevertheless, go and support and try the food, it really is amazing.


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