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“What goes on at Dancehall Episode stays at Dancehall Episode”.

That was the daily mantra chanted from the various DJs and the hype massive that took to the mic.

If you love dancehall, then this is the event for you. A 3-day weekender bought to you by the Dancehall Episode team. With dancehall weekender events held annually all over Europe, this one was in Lloret de Mar, Spain. Just two hours away from Barcelona or an hour from Girona it was really accessible to travel to. Bus and coach operators run cheap transportation to your desired hotel location. It is also cheap and you get value for your money with the euro exchange. Everything is central in Lloret de Mar and well within walking distance of, hotels, places to eat, shops, supermarkets, and the nightclubs. You do not need to rely on taxis to attend any of the events, but they are not expensive to use. It’s cheap too, to party and drinks are nowhere near Ibiza prices.

So what did you get for your money?

If you booked early, wristbands for all the events only cost £99, rising to £140. That was the entry price for 5 events: The All white welcome, The pool party, Neon Colours, Rooftop party, and the Masquerade Ball. The costs after booking your own flights and hotel could cost you as little as £250. For an additional cost, you could have also booked the boat ride!

Friday 28th September, The ‘All white party’

This weekender began on Friday evening and kicked off with the all-white welcome party. Dressed to impress everyone came out in white ready for dancehall’s episode’s first event. I flew in later so missed this initial event, but check out Dancehall Episode Instagram for more pics of the night!

Saturday 29th September, The ‘Pool party’

The Saturday afternoon was the set date for the epic pool party. Just a 15 minute walk from the hotel, it was a hot day, as it hit 28 degrees and were able to happily stroll in our colourful outfits and bikinis to the venue. Held at the Sundance pool club, it did not let us down as a venue. The club itself is a huge venue with a large pool in the center, surrounded by the main bar and adorned with white loungers in and around the poolside. Partygoers could dance or lime around the pool, the vibe was live and everyone came to party.

Upon arrival, on the decks was Supa Nytro and Supa Nytro knows how to get the crowd vibe going. We had groups of dancers ready to roll with the latest dancehall moves with dancers repping from London and the rest of Europe, DHKpandi, Money Wheel, The French Squad, Mary FS, Ignition Dancers, throwing down their best dancehall moves. We had some of best dancehall DJs on rotation that included, DJ Master J, DJ King Terra, DJ Corey, DJ Steeko, Supa Nytro Bad Anju, Celebrity Super, Flamey HK, Celebrity Sound accompanied with MCs, ensuring that the crowd vibe hit peak levels and everyone, at one point jumping to the riddims. Of course, we had the benefit of a large pool and yes, people took advantage. Combined with the heat, music and the dancehall atmosphere you could not help but jump into the pool or at least want to.

Although it ended at 7pm we had yet another party to go to later and we all left to get ready for the ‘Neon Colours Glow’ party. I have to admit everyone had drunk quite a bit of alcohol in the day, so was keen to find out if any would make it to the dance later.

Saturday 29th September, ‘Colours glow party’

I was wrong people revived and came out. The club was already full when we arrived at 2 am, worn out from the activities from the afternoon fete, I decided to put down my camera and just enjoy the night. Needless to say, dancehall has the ability to make people want to dance and no style of dance is taboo as ladies compete for the wildest moves. Spinning on your head is no longer a breakdance move, as it has long been embraced into dancehall normality. Splits, jumping from platforms was also the norm for the weekend. However, it is the music from the DJs, the hype from the MCs alongside the massive dancehall tunes that really got the crowd going. Competition for the best dancehall moves can be both friendly and fierce, to witness was spectacular.

Sunday 30th September, The Roof Top Party

After three full-on dances, some were starting to wane and this next party was testing everyone’s stamina by all accounts. As, it was situated up a very steep hill – you almost had to do that Caribbean sideway walk to reach the top. Ladies struggled in their heels as they tried to figure the best way up. It really was a trial! Upon reaching, it did not disappoint. Greeted by a plethora of people already dancing to the tunes spun by DJs on the outside set up. The sweaty room was full of the chant of the dancehall lovers. The pull of the dancehall riddims was irresistible and it was complemented with some of the best dancers. Or with baying crowds making room and focusing when a girl appears, throws herself into a split, rolls on the floor or twerks to the audience’s content. Just when I thought the pool party was the one, the Rooftop party came and absolutely smashed it! Just check out the videos

Sunday 30th September, The ‘Masquerade Ball’

This was the finale for the weekend, the Masquerade ball and with surprise PAs, everyone put on their best outfits and masks ready for this dance.

Stylo G’s track ‘Touch Down‘ was played all weekend, with him providing a PA performance at the Masquerade Ball belting out a list of his tunes. Including ‘touch down‘. This tune is massive! Dancers joined him on stage for the final songs providing the backdrop of a great weekend.

Watch a snippet of #stylog performing live #DancehallEpisode

@realsocadeal review

What I noticed is that the weekender was not just for young people as all ages were welcomed, had attended and everyone had equal amounts of fun.

The promoters did well here. I was unsure what to expect but it was well-run, no issues, everything (to me) went smoothly and I personally don’t have any gripes. We had the benefit of excellent weather all weekend and an inexpensive town that was accessible to everything. The only exception was the number of flies in Lloret de Mar, you literally ate with one hand and batted away flies with the other!

Would I go again? Oh yes.. In fact, the next one is in Amsterdam 1st-3rd March. Check out Dancehall Episode website for more info.

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