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Friday 25th August 2017

I have become a huge fan of Busspepper over the last two years, their fetes never fail me and always enjoy their events.  Busspepper Bacchanal Friday was my third event in row that week in the run up to carnival, having already warmed up at Sweat in the City – the Soca Fitness Fete on the Wednesday and Socalicious …with DJ Private Ryan on the Thursday.  Now it was time to fete again, we were ready for the delights of my favourites, DJ Private Ryan and DJ Puffy. My friends and I were pumped, we were the carnival soldiers after all.

Busspepper Bacchanal Friday was on the same night as the Busshead Promotion featuring Machel and Bunji.  I did not bother even book for that concert, as I knew it would be ram and at £70, that was way too much to see two artists. To be honest, I was travelling to the US for Labor Day and was attending ‘Tipsy’ , 20 artists for a VIP ticket costing $110 – there was no comparison, so I forfeit Busshead. As well as the concert, Busshead also put an after party, ‘Daylight’ and so there’s me thinking “great” as Busspepper would either be empty or just nice.  However, what transcended later was absolute craziness. I had been told that the coaches that were transporting people from the Busshead concert to the after party venue were refused entry, as the *correct licenses had not been sought  or it was filled to capacity. The aftermath of that, was that the said coach loads of people were shipped to the Busspepper event instead. So no after party for those folks, just a super packed Brixton Busspepper event.  I had some initial relief at my decision not to book or even attend Busshead, as I was told later that whilst it was good, it was too hot and sweaty.

Not realising the Busshead situation,  I decided to get to Brixton at 1am, only to see the queue nearly trailing round the corner. Fortunately, it did not take long to get in and the queues actually moved quickly.  Inside was an entirely different matter, it was packed corner to corner. I could not even really stand with the army of friends that we arranged to meet, as you were just pushed as people passed or feted. It felt like everyone turned up to Busspepper and that they ensured they filled it to over capacity.  Surprisingly and unannounced, Bunji and Machel came on stage at Busspepper and the crowds went crazy.

The sound in the venue is and was not the best, I feel that it is always a source of contention in Brixton Electric, but feters are feters, we get on bad to whatever we hear. As 4am approached, the crowds eased off and it began to become a little more comfortable to move. The DJ’s were still spinning tracks and I can’t say I didn’t have a good time, but at 5am, I decided enough was enough and it was time to go home.

Busspepper you still rule.


*comments not substantiated





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