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The event was billed as ” Sweat til you can’t fete no more”!

This was a 2hr sweat fete. You had to be prepared for a 2 hour high intensity, calorie burning, body sculpting, soca powered fitness workout. This session was all about getting people energised, pumped and ‘ready for d road’ in other words, the Notting Hill carnival 2017!  The ticket price was reasonable for two hours, £12 for this session and you had inclusive of the price: 3 Badass soca fitness instructors |Live Top DJ’s on the night | A healthy smoothie treat after the workout session | Goody bag

Getting to the venue should have been easy for most with it being held at Cargo in Shoreditch. For me, it was just a 35 min overground journey from South London sides – wicked! Upon arrival to the Cargo,  we were told to show ID. I must admit that I just shook my head as normally I walk with my ID everywhere. However, this was just an aerobics session – so what did I need my ID for? Wrong! it was in a club, so policy adheres to any event.

Notecheck to self: I must always carry ID regardless.

Luckily, the bouncer could see that kids were not attending so they were slightly forgiving to some of us, as none bought alcoholic drinks, we were just there to exercise and sweat. Just a shame that the event promoters did not state to bring ID, but we should have known better 🙁

We were all told to complete a health form before taking part and was grateful that you could complete online for the IT savvy or on the door on the day, it was no problem either way. Bringing water to drink is must but you could buy water at a costly expensive at this venue for the unprepared.

First up on the stage was DJ Credable with Kwaku Agyemange as the instructor leading the class. An Afrobeats advanced introductory session. I am officially in love with Afrobeats, I literally want to go to Africa and experience the freedom of dance. The dance routines I must admit scared us and found it difficult to follow at times but we were blessed with the rhythmic flow of the routines and the music kept us going.

Next up was Brian Sheppard, a little Trini powerhouse, who pumped us up to the max with soca, reggae, grime and afrobeats – he got us going ready for Andrea’s session.

Then we were blessed with the beautiful Andrea Cha Cha (as I know her), for her workout and she doesn’t joke. I actually attend her classes on a Saturday in Kennington, when I have time. I remember first meeting her and being in total awe of her body. I mean not one ounce of fat, pure toned beauty and with the most beautiful personality. Her work out was ruthless. There is no stopping and she is an arms expert, so expect to keep them up and moving for the entire session.  This was not a fete but a proper workout with incredible DJ’s to keep you going and I sweated more in her session than in the first two combined.  You want a body like Andrea’s go to her class, follow her page.  A true Nubian fitness Queen.

We were treated afterwards to great little goody bag and sweat in the city rag.  In all, I had so much fun with friends, great music, a wicked atmostphere and most of all I wuked up and worked out. I cannot wait for the next one!

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