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Thursday 24th August 2017

DJ Private Ryan in London = of course I was booking this up.  I booked from waaay early, I was not messing around as I usually wait on the mix tapes to be launched on YouTube and now we have him in person in London, it was a no brainer, my ticket was booked. I love Private Ryan, his mixes are all over YouTube and I am an ardent subscriber. I have no idea why, but I have not as yet attended one of his events, so I sucked up the chance to be in attendance for his live set in London. There were other DJ’s billed but it was Private Ryan I really wanted to hear.

It’s on a Thursday though, the day after I have work and the fete is not due to finish until 5am! What the? Midweek fetes, oh lawd… I have to go, but how the hell will I get up for work? I wish I was in my twenties, but alas I am not and recovery time is double for us oldies. I can wuk up with the best, but payback is a bitch and feting can take a lot out of you. It’s a like an aerobic, spin,  boxercise, pilates all in one class that lasts several hours! It’s not for the faint hearted and it takes stamina.

To me, it felt like Socalicious was not heavily promoted and I wondered why as private Ryan is a big DJ, however no need to fear as the night was packed. It was a slow build up when I arrived at 12.30am and the club was relatively empty with a few people milling around outside. The club itself was not the best, bit like one of those old skool dive clubs. It was made up of a main dance floor and two little alcoves which contained the bars and one had a seating areas.  The dance floor at that time was too empty, so we settled in one of the alcoves with seating as it was easier to rest stuff down, relax and space to wuk up. As it stands, it was a good choice, as by 1.30am the club had filled up and the dance floor was packed and sweaty.

The bar was surprising good value for money, a bottle of red cost £17, normal prices at clubs for a glass of red wine normally costs anywhere between £7-8, so I was laughing.

Whilst, the music selection was good, the sound itself was tinny and baseless in the alcoves. The main floor didn’t fare any better, the bass was just not right but we will wuk up to soca regardless but please get the sound right club managers, it’s so important I just can’t stress it enough. When Private Ryan came on the decks he did not disappoint, I don’t actually recall sitting down except if I met friends or had a quick chat. So much so my heel broke off my boots. Yes I was jamming too hard and it broke off. If I needed a sign to go home this was it.  It was 4.45am and I had work in 4 hours. I had originally decided that I would leave when it finished (at 5am), go home, shower and get into work early. However, it was time, plus I figured I could get in a few hours sleep. I actually got home at 5.15am, so quickly showered and jumped into bed. I knew I was going to be late, so set the alarm for 7.30am.

I awoke to a banging alarm two hours later, wishing I could just disappear back under the duvet, but a good night gets you up and has you alert. I always find that strange, that despite a late night and lack of sleep, if the night was good, you know you find energy somehow to deal with the day ahead!


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