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Saturday 25th March 2017

Carnival Tabanca

Busspepper continues to hold the crown for London soca feting. Applied soca media strategy to benefit from crowd numbers, nothing is consistent. I love the fact that the crowd is different, it makes it fun and a place you want to be at.

It is firmly ingratiating itself at Revolutions Bar with it’s interweaving rooms and that long walk to the downstairs room. Anyone ever party downstairs? Well it is the place for the wicked, for the wonderous wuk up, hot, sweaty and full of vibes. You’re a partier… find the room and stick in a de corner and wine pun someone.

Usual suspects descend and spotting people is easy.

I also love the fact that upstairs is spacious and easy to get around, dance and chat. The bar is also a plus point. No long wait queues and the bar staff friendly and efficient. The only sticking points are the cocktail orderers, especially when they don’t know what they want and hold up the queue. The queue to get into Busspepper is always contentious but I got to say that they are one of the few clubs that get it right. A long queue but no unnecessary hold ups, it moved quickly and people, more importantly were ushered in and processed quickly.

This queue went down quick – don’t be alarmed

Security was tight and be prepared to be searched – oh yes ALWAYS bring ID no matter how old you look. You need ID – its policy get over you look old.

It is generally a good idea not to bother driving when partying in London as parking is a nightmare and suffice to say Revolutions is around Bank and parking is a premium. Therefore in these instances, I strongly recommend the use of Uber. It takes all the unnecessary trouble of parking away. Even better is to leave slightly earlier than the end time as then taxis are easier to get and no manic jumping in cars!

Luckily we attended on a night when the clocks went back and at 4.45am, we begrudgingly left the club to got home.

All I can say, twas a good night.  Busspepper you do yourself proud. Well done.


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