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Saturday 26th November 2016

Illuminate Road Trip to Northampton

Waay haay we heard about this this coach trip way back in August,  so of course we were booking up!  There were four coaches going from the four points of London, South, East, West and North London. Top DJ’s were designated to lead each coach and Release D’Riddim was the DJ designated to our South London coach,. We know his DJ’ing capabilities,  wait in intrepidation for his new mixes his tunes,  friends were going.. Was too excited.  We stopped at Tescos in Brixton and got our munchies and alcohol for the fun coach trip and then it began….

Hell hath no fury like a coach trip scorned.

Agent was late,  DJ was late, so coach was subsequently late and  it to top it all,  it was cold.  When the agent and DJ turned up 30 mins later, we got our wristbands and boarded the coach. Best still we boarded the coach expecting music and the DJ chilled?  What was going on? We expected DJ Credible to be incredible. The DJs  were advertised to be on coach, I mean that was the whole point right? We just assumed that they would play. However, that’s exactly what they didn’t do, and so the coach journey consisted of us singing or trying to make do with the coach music system.  We were given complimentary rum punch but to be honest, most bought their own drinks so we were all nice.


A few hours into the journey one of the reps suddently announced that there would be an equivalent of what I can only say a ‘Pee Tax Charge’.  To explain, the coach driver wanted payment for use of the toilet facilities on the coach. Not that we messed it up or anything, just solely the fact that we were using the facilities meant that he wanted us to cough up. Quite rightly so, a few of us refused as it should be included in the price and if not, stated at the time of booking or before the fact!  Regardless, there were the rebel few who wouldn’t pay and the idea of getting money (albeit some was collected) was abandoned. Three and a half hours  later we arrive with our half drunk selves at our destination.

The Nightclub

We arrive at the  nightclub and immediately a rather loooong queue forms.  Considering that we were bought from London and paid in advance, donned wristbands, we were subject to more checks, ‘longing’  out the queue.  I actually stayed outside until all went in. Upon entering, I questioned the entry process and all queries were directed to DJ bones.  Unfortunately, it felt like he hid from questioning 🙂

The nightclub itself was lovely but full of us.  By that I mean pure London people,  East, North,  West and South Londoners,  no locals.  Sorry there was a few,  but I think they thought it was Bashment night.  Would have been nice to take a trip up north and mingle with locals,  instead we had the same old great faces.

More drama ensued when my friend became ill. Drank way too much en route and by the time we got there, she was quite inebriated and could not walk. For most of the night the poor thing was on the couch, until we bought her onto the coach to sleep without disturbance. The music was good they played everything,  everyone was up dancing and there was plenty of room to move around, the downside was when DJ bones played his set.  Unfortunately,  he cleared the room and most  including us went back in their respective coaches to chill until it was over.

The journey  home did not even reach the dizzy heights of commonly performed raucous behaviours. Rum licked us all and the need to sleep was infectious. It was a very quiet sleep infested journey home.  Saving grace was that my drop off was in Brixton so a quick 20 minute drive home. Times like this, I could with saying to my mates “get a cab, I am going straight home and don’t feel like stopping”, but that would be mean wouldn’t it 😉


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